EDDM vs Direct Mail – What you need to know

When it comes to direct mail marketing, it’s essential to understand the options so you can make an educated recommendation to your customers. There are key differences between direct mail and EDDM (every door direct mail), and we’re happy to lay out the basic distinctions for you so you can know the difference.

EDDM Full Service by 4over

  • Better saturation for mail campaigns
  • No mailing list, choose distribution areas on the USPS website
  • 1 simple template to download and follow which includes indicia
  • Wide range of sizes, from 4.25×11 to 9×12, which accommodates a wide range of needs including menus and coupons
  • Folded products available with no additional processing/postage fees
  • Online routing tool that’s quick and easy to use
  • Low postage cost of $0.198 per piece, which allows more mailings and increased ROI
  • Full service means we do all the work — we print, bundle, do the paperwork, and deliver to USPS for final delivery
  • Learn more about our EDDM solutions here: https://bit.ly/IMSeddm

Direct Mail

  • Better for very targeted campaigns that can exclude specific households
  • Mailing list required (sometimes must be purchased)
  • Paid indicia required
  • Average of 4×6 in size, which could be too small for some needs
  • Speed of delivery can increase the postage cost
  • Postage cost is an average of $0.40 per piece
  • Learn more about our Direct Mail solutions here: https://bit.ly/IMSdirectmail

Still not sure which solution is best for you? Why not give us a call? We can talk about your marketing goals and come up with the best solution for your needs and budget together. Call Ed at (336) 833-0682 or email sales@islandmediaservices.com for more information.

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