How Brands Can Build Bonds with Consumers

“Business is all about relationships. How well you build them determines how well they build your business.”
Brad Sugars

The pandemic has changed the way people interact with brands. Most consumers (57%) want brands to make them laugh, according to a 2022 study from Digital Information World. Nearly half (47%) want brands to make them feel motivated and inspired, while about a third of consumers say they appreciate brands educating them and helping them learn new things. About one in five consumers value brands that prioritize inclusivity and make them feel seen and included.

When you know what consumers want from brands, you can work to build stronger bonds with your target audience. Jo Hamilton, a contributor to SmartBrief, has outlined what some of the most successful brands are doing now to bolster consumer relationships. Keep reading this issue of Promotional Consultant Today for her insights along with some guidance on how to create stronger connections.

Connect via social media. Hamilton says that younger Americans, those ages 18 to 34, are using YouTube and TikTok to connect universally and personally with brands, while those ages 35 to 65 now have stronger bonds with healthcare brands. Now’s a great time to refresh your social media strategy and begin to connect with your audience in new ways.

Build goodwill. Everyone is looking for a good deal. While you may not be able to drop your prices, consider giving your target audience something free. Promotional products can not only delight your audience, but they can also help build goodwill and create a deeper bond.

Bring on the fun. Despite the pandemic and rising inflation, or perhaps as a result of it, Americans want happy, fun experiences from brands, Hamilton says. Brands that offer creative, fun and imaginative experiences are driving deeper connections.

Promote inclusivity. One of the best ways to build bonds with consumers is to intentionally create inclusive experiences. Make sure your brand connects with the widest possible audience. Recognize that different customers have unique needs and empathize with this uniqueness. Include people from different backgrounds in your marketing and highlight stories from different customers or employees.

The Importance of Driving Deeper Connections

Consumers want to feel a deeper connection to brands. They don’t want to just buy a product or service and move on — they want to feel connected to the company in some way. Brands and retailers of all kinds can give people what they want by being authentic, whether that means incorporating more humor into social media, creating more fun, in-store experiences or adjusting tone of voice to be more inclusive.

Connections matter, and a brand’s ability to build those strong connections can help set them up for more meaningful and fruitful relationships in the future.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Jo Hamilton is a contributor to SmartBrief. She often covers marketing and communication topics.

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