B2B vs B2C: What’s the Difference?

In the world of business, there are two main types of marketing methods that you have most likely already heard of or came across: B2B marketing and B2C marketing. Marketers aim at two distinct audiences with these methods, and how they interact with audiences on platforms also differ.

For anyone in digital marketing, it’s important to differentiate the two and know which method is right for your business to follow. In order to develop a strong and high performing campaign, understanding the difference between B2B marketing and B2C marketing is key. While there are a few similarities between these methods, there are also differences that will be broken down here.

B2B (Business-to-Business)

Slightly more well-known compared to B2C, business-to-business is based on marketing from one company to another, to put it simply. B2B marketing focuses on the products and features that the buyer is seeking from the organization. The goal is to provide these other companies ways to save money and resources in order to work smarter and faster. Essentially, B2B marketing exists to help companies do business more efficiently.

Some examples of B2B marketing services:

  • A warehouse that supplies computer parts/equipment to a computer retail company
  • Marketing agencies offering marketing services such as social media/content/SEO strategy and relative tools
  • A shareable workspace that offers rental spaces for startups and entrepreneurs (eg. WeWork)

B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

While business-to-business is based on selling bulk to professional buyers, business-to-consumer sells directly to individual audiences. As opposed to companies, individual consumers just want to get straight to the point when it comes to buying products/services. Consumers won’t want to go through hefty purchasing processes that businesses go through with organizations. Overall, they want a quick and easy transaction. The marketing that goes into the B2C strategy is dedicated to the needs and interests of what would help improve the everyday life of a consumer.

Examples include:

  • Netflix offering video streaming services
  • Apple selling laptops, phones, and other electronics
  • Spotify providing digital music services

When developing your business branding, keep in mind a few factors that differentiate the two concepts.

b2b vs b2c marketing differences

Often, the assumption that the biggest difference between B2B and B2C marketing is the belief that B2C is more personal since you’re selling to individuals. However, at the end of the day, this doesn’t change the fact that you’re selling to people, regardless of the category. The bottom line is that in both methods, P2P (person-to-person) exists regardless of the external differences. Understanding these differences will help increase chances of success in reaching leads.

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